We like to follow the production process step by step, organizing the whole process as best as possible so that we can easily find clients smile!

Communication: We communicate a great deal through emails, chats, notes and whatever it takes to find the clients requirement.

Sketching: It's far more important than it seems, and doing that we both can save much time & cost. We submit preliminary sketches of what we discussed about and again we return to discussion to match exact requirements.

Confirmation: Before proceeding with the project, the client has confirmed that his concept get a right place for nourishment. And the sketches are indeed is what he need exactly. If not, we return to previous step until everything meets.

Estimation: With all the details in hand, we start to prepare a more accurate estimation of the time & budget required for the project.

Development: With the continuation of the work, we keep the client aware of the process, to see how things are going. If there need any retakes, we must discuss in details with the client.

Deliver: At this stage the finished project delivered to the client & they confirmed that everything is fine as required ... Then we cheers!